Conference Topics

Track 1. System analysis of complex systems (SACS)

  1. Methods of system analysis of complex systems of different nature in conditions of uncertainty and risks.
  2. Mathematical methods, models and technologies of research of complex systems.
  3. System methodology of foresight in the tasks of planning and making strategic decisions.
  4. Problem-oriented methods of analysis, diagnostics and design of complex systems in conditions of uncertainty and risks.
  5. Decision support systems and its applications
  6. Nonlinear problems of system analysis.
  7. System methodology of sustainable development.

Track 2.  Computational Intelligence (CI)

  1. Fuzzy sets, fuzzy sets type- 2 and applications.
  2. Neural networks, Deep learning neural networks
  3. Fuzzy logic systems,  fuzzy neural networks
  4. Machine learning and self-learning
  5. Convolutional neural networks
  6. Intellectual decision-making systems
  7. Genetic algorithms and evolutionary modeling
  8. Particle swarm optimization and ant colonies algorithms
  9. Pattern recognition, image processing, automatic speech recognition.

Track 3. Intelligent Computing Technologies  (ICT)

  1. Service – oriented computing and Architectures (SOA and SOC)
  2. Distributed Grid-Cloud-Fog Computing
  3. Ontologies, Microservices, Containers, API in SOA and SOC
  4. Service Discovery, Orchestration and Composition
  5. Agents and Multi-agent Systems
  6. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platforma as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Data as a Service (DaaS)
  7. Blockchain and Serverless Computing
  8. SOC and SOA in Internet of Things and in Applications for European Open Science СLoud(EOSC)
  9. Earth Observations and Geospatial Intelligence

Track 4. Data Science and Risk Management in financial world (DSRM)

  1. Big Data tasks: business force
  2. Analyzing, modelling, and forecasting of the economic trends
  3. Data mining methods for stock-market exchange scenarios
  4. Artificial Intelligence for financial business tasks modelling development
  5. Financial risks management. Decision Making Systems: Economic implementation
  6. Information and Telecommunication risks analysis and management
  7. Mobile and Software applications systems for data mining economic indexes